Hon. Patron’s Message
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Hon. Patron’s Message

"Performance is the ultimate criteria to achive success"

Dear Pharmacist,

Dr Himadri Sen Currently, The Indian Pharmaceutical industry is one of the world's largest and most developed, ranking 3rd in volume terms and 13th in value terms. The country accounted for 8% of global production and 2 % of world markets in pharmaceuticals. Most of the domestic pharmaceutical drug requirements are met by the domestic industry. In the segment of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). India ranks third in the world, producing about 500 different APIs.

India is currently recognized as a high quality, low cost skilled producer of pharmaceuticals. It is seen not only as a manufacturing base of APIs and formulations, but also as an emerging  hub for biotechnology, bioinformatics, contract research, clinical data management and clinical trials. Industry has shown tremendous progress in terms of infrastructure development, technology base creation and wide range of production. India is among the top 20 pharmaceutical exporters worldwide, with the largest number of USFDA inspected plants (820) outside the USA. Various other agencies like MHRA UK, MCA South Africa, TGA Australia and HPB Canada have approved many plants in India.

It is predicted that India may lead the world in Pharmaceuticals around 2020 if strong linkages between industry and academia, which are essential for growth of the industry happened. I.P.E.R. is contributing for last 25 years in the area through 23 Pharma Management Diplomas and now coming with innovative One Day Certificate Programmes to develop knowledge, skill and attitude in Pharmacy Professionals.  Some feedback received by I.P.E.R. suggests 70 % placement of students happened in campus interviews where I.P.E.R. conducted these programmes provides inspiration to I.P.E.R. faculty. If you want your organization to be different and want to provide Skill, I.P.E.R. can work as a catalyst and ideal linkage with pharmaceutical industries as strong foundation.

I.P.E.R.'s One day Training Programmes for Industries are highly appreciated by Pharma Professional igniting the minds and inspiring them to achieve their dreams.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Himadri Sen
Member,  Board of Director, Strategy and Scientific Affairs Unimark Remedies, 

Ex-President – R&D (Generics, NDDS) & Global Quality Ranbaxy,
India (1990 - 1999 and 2007 - 2010)
Ex-President, Lupin, Pune (1999 - 2007) 
Hon. Patron, I.P.E.R.

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