Hon. Director's Message
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Hon. Director's Message

"Efforts Unending"

Dear Future Pharma Professionals,


Every man made action starts with a thought, an idea, a vision, a mental image. From there it materializes into a form. I am glad, to bring you the form that we at IPER had dream of: the form of an Institute pioneering in Pharma Management courses.

More than anything else, I seek the pleasure in bringing to you, these programmes that celebrates more than Twenty Five years of successful crusade in the art of pioneering Pharma Management courses; by way of specialized Diplomas that we have been running all these years along. The happiness due to the success of our students, who have done these diplomas and are placed at good position's in the pharma industry; be it Production, R & D, Quality Control and Assurance, Regulatory or be the dynamic and challenging field of Pharma Marketing all this gives us at IPER the motivation not only to survive but to be the No.1 Institute when it comes to providing comprehensive and practical result oriented Pharma Management certificate training programmes and courses.

Always remember, you are the result of all the previous pictures that you have painted for yourself. The good news is that you can always paint new ones. Through IPER, explore and exploit your hidden talents to make your dream career come alive.

Dreams that we can proudly say are based on our mission: "Let Our Every Effort Build The Pharmacy Profession."

So friends Lets Do it! Move it! Make it Happen! No one ever sat their way to Success.

Best of Luck

Dr. Mahesh D. Burande
Hon. Director - I.P.E.R.
M. Pharm (Pharmacology), D.B.M., M.D.B.A. (Marketing),
L.L.B. (Gen), Ph.D. (Pharma Sciences), MSCIT
FDA Approved in Tablet, Capsule, Toxicity Studies.

“An Institute Where Discipline is a Religion, Performance is the Creed, and Excellence a Passion”
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