Pharma Marketing Modules
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Pharma Marketing Modules

One Day Training Programme

Art, Science and Profession

Professional Skill Oriented, One Day Certificate Prgramme's with Case Studies, Role Plays, Video Clips, Live Examples inspiring the Pharma Sales and Marketing people to achieve the objectives in their life and building their Positive Attitude. Highly recognised and appreciated by Pharma Industry.

Positive Attitude - Right Prescription to over come challenges in Pharma Marketing And Sales
Positive Attitude, Hard Work , Knowledge and Skill Right Prescription for Success
Positive Attitude and Quality and its Relation to Success
Power of 'P's in generating Prescription in Pharma Marketing
Marketing Strategies in Pharmaceutical Marketing
Competitive strategies in Pharmaceutical Marketing
Pharmaceutical Marketing strategies, Market Segmentation and Situation Analysis And Decision Making
Prescription Audit and detailing Two sides of coin to get success in Pharmaceutical Marketing for Medical Representatives
Ten Commandments of Pharmaceutical Marketing and Objection Handling of Doctors, Chemists,  Wholesalers
Pharma Product Positioning, Targeting, Profiting, New Product Development, Product lifecycle and Portfolio Management
Pharmaceutical Advertising and Sale Promotion, Art, Science and Profession to Build the brands
Pharma Promotional Aids Effectiveness and its costing
Pharma Marketing-Art, Science and Profession
Pharmaceutical Marketing, Challenging and Fast Growing Career
Industrial Pharmacology to become successful in Pharmaceutical Marketing
Empowering Pharma Field Sales Manager
Pharmaceutical Marketing: Sales Control System, Performance Evaluation, Sales Meeting
Pharma Marketing, Selection Process, Training, Territory Planning, Salesbudget, Key Result Area
Effectiveness of Pharma Marketing Through Distribution Channels
Pharmaceutical Market Research, Methods, Practice and its importance in Brand.
Pharmaceutical Marketing: Effective Field sales Manager, Time Management and Distribution
Pharmaceutical Marketing: Leadership, Motivation and Customer Relationship Management
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“An Institute Where Discipline is a Religion, Performance is the Creed, and Excellence a Passion”
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