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Pharma Manufacturing Modules
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One Day Training Programme

Develop Pharmacist working in Pharma Industry with applied skill, latest knowledge, positive attitude and inspire them for Global Leadership.

Give the winning edge to your people with I.P.E.R's most innovative , professional programmes highly appreciated by Pharma Industries with live case studies, examples and video clips at your place.

One Day / Half Day Certificate Training Programmes
(16 Foundation Programmes for Pharma Industries)

cGMP, Quality, Productivity, Validation and Positive Attitude as a Organization Culture for Corporate Growth
Positive Attitude, Hard work, Knowledge and Skill - Right Prescription for Success
W.H.O. G.M.P. Guidelines
U.S. - F.D.A. Guidelines for Good Manufacturing Practices in Pharmaceuticals
U.S. - F.D.A.: Key Features of Current Good Manufacturing Practices
Calibration Methods and Techniques to Build Quality in Pharmaceuticals
GMP for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
Validation and Audits in Pharmaceuticals to Build Quality
Controls that Build Quality in Pharmaceuticals
Principles and Practice of Safety and Health Environment in Pharmaceuticals
Role of Hygienic and Sanitation in GMP of Pharmaceuticals
Good Laboratory Practice and Principles and Methods of SOP's and SCP's
Cost Effective Supply Chain Management
GMP and Quality for Workers in Half Day
Positive Attitude and Its Relation to Quality for Workers in Half Day
Hygiene, Sanitation and GMP for Workers in Half Day

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