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One Day Training Programme

One Day Certificate Programmes for Regd. Pharmacist, wholesalers, people working in Drug Store and Wholesale Drug Store, D. Pharm and Pharm. D Students with live Case Studies, Video Clips and Games which are highly recognized and appreciated by Pharma Professional at your Place.

One Day Certificate Programme
(17 Foundation Programmes for D.Pharm and Pharm. D Students)

Pharma Management Diploma Brochure.

Professional and Profit Making Drug Store Management with Pharmaceutical Care

Sales Promotion in Retail or Wholesale Drug Store and Inventory Management to Increase Profits.

Patient Counseling Art Science and Profession

Good Pharmacy Practice GPP and Community Pharmacy Management in Drug Store

Purchase and Inventory Management to Increase Profits in Drug Store Business

Role and Responsibility of Community (Retail) Hospital and Clinical Pharmacist

Ideal Drug Store Management

Effective Hospital Materials Management Financial Control and Professional Services in Hospital

Managing Professionally, Drug–Drug-Drug-Food Interactions, Drug Storage Conditions and Computers in Community or Hospital or Clinical Pharmacy Management

Positive Attitude, Hardwork, Knowledge and Skill-Right Prescription for Success

How to start Retail and Wholesale drug store and run it professionally with profits

Pharma Entrepreneurship Qualities Required and How to Start Drug Store and Wholesale Drug Store Business

Scope and Potential after Pharmacy.

Pharma Marketing and Sales-A big Career for D. Pharm

Good Manufacturing Practices and big career in Pharma Manufacturing for D. Pharm

Clinical Research and Drug Development Challenges and Opportunities

Art of Facing Interviews in Pharma Industries and Profession
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